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If you can't afford Sam Elliott

Bill is honest, specific and thorough in his coaching and mentoring.  
Jeff Magnus, Houston, TX

He paints no blue sky and gives heartfelt and honest instruction and guidance.
Robyn Hurst, Branson, MO

Bill has always delivered the exact read I needed. 
Perry Tong, Ft. Worth, TX

I have seen firsthand how  Bill’s amazing talent, methods, and techniques  extend to the full gamut as it pertains to the voice over industry.
Krystle Minkoff

I still marvel at the tone of Bill's voice and his ability to "Act" while conveying just the right impression  and mood to a production of any type. 
Jim Aden - Producer - Underwater Odyssey

Bill has been my "go to" guy.  I can always count on him to give me exactly what I want in a VO.
im Rupe, Owner, Air and Sound Productions

"Down-Home"  and casual with a Southern country flair
Bill is a 40+ year veteran as a voice artist, actor, singer, speaker, live event host, producer, director and published author. He provides voice over services to clients all over the world from his professional recording studio located in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas.  Bill is especially known for his narration and production of Western themed audiobooks.
This new Gabriel Torrent story is full of wild-west action. Apaches are on the run pursued by the US Cavalry. A new threat to the railroad comes in the form of deadly dark figures in the night. Could this be Indians getting revenge or are the perpetrators more insidious?
Torrent finds a new love but may lose her again in the dark chasms of the new territories. He finally confronts his father and uncovers shadowy intrigue to Solomon Torrent's empire coming from below the border.

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