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The Directed Session

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Many years ago, when I started doing voice-over, about all you had to have were a deep voice and an agent.  My agent would call a few VO guys into their office for a “live” audition for the client.  The client would choose one of us and we would be booked into a recording studio.  When we arrived, we would be placed in front of a huge microphone in a recording room and on the other side of the double paned glass would be the engineer and a director.  That’s the client’s guy.  All we had to do was follow direction.  “Up here, down here.  Faster here, slower there”.  You get the picture.

Yep.  It’s all different now.  Most auditions and hired jobs are done from the Home Studio.  YOU are the owner, janitor, accountant, engineer, director, talent, and sometimes editor and mastering person.  And much of the time you do this without ever communicating with the client and receiving little information.  But that’s another blog.  Back to the Directed VO Session.

In the modern dynamic world of audio production, the Directed Voice-Over (VO) Session is a little different than the “old days”. It may not be done in the commercial studio.  It may be done remotely from your home studio using one of the many technological advances of recent years.  But whether it’s a remote session or in a commercial studio, it gives the opportunity for creativity to meet precision. It's a collaborative effort between the voice talent, director, and sometimes clients, ensuring that every word spoken resonates with the intended emotion and message.

At its core, a Directed VO Session is a guided recording session where the voice actor performs under the direction of a director or producer. It allows for real-time adjustments, fine-tuning, and exploration of different delivery styles with more than just two ears involved.

Before the session, a director meticulously reviews the script, identifying nuances, tone shifts, and character motivations. This allows for effective communication with the talent, ensuring they understand the vision behind the voice-over.

Once the session begins, the atmosphere buzzes with creative energy. The director articulates their vision, providing context, emotional cues, and specific instructions. This guidance empowers the voice actor to embody the character or message, authentically, enhancing the impact of the recording.

Experienced directors often leverage their expertise to push boundaries and inspire creativity. They encourage experimentation, allowing the talent to explore different interpretations while ensuring alignment with the project's objectives. This collaborative synergy breeds innovation, resulting in performances that captivate and resonate with audiences.

The Directed VO Session transcends mere recording; it's an art form where words come alive, painting vivid images in the minds of listeners. It's about capturing the essence of a narrative, evoking emotions, and leaving a lasting impression. Through meticulous direction and talent (the ability to follow direction), these sessions breathe life into scripts, transforming words into powerful auditory experiences.

The Directed VO Session is a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity—a journey where every inflection, pause, and emphasis is crafted with purpose, ensuring that the final product leaves a lasting impact on its audience.


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