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Introducing the self-titled album, "Chisholm," a classic country and gospel album performed by a quartet including the world renowned singers Bill Brooks and Randy Brooks along with members Deedle Muncrief and Skip Headen. Chisholm captures the essence of classic country intertwined with the soulful depths of gospel music. This album marks a stellar entry for Chisholm, a group that has masterfully blended two beloved genres to craft an unforgettable musical experience. Each track on "Chisholm" is a testament to the quartet's harmonious synergy and profound musicality. With their rich vocal harmonies and authentic instrumental accompaniments, Chisholm brings to life stories of faith, tradition, and the human condition. The album invites listeners into a world where gospel truths meet the everyday tales of country living, creating a resonant backdrop for reflection and connection.  The album offers a range of dynamic songs that promise to move and inspire. Chisolm's ability to convey deep emotions through a simple melody or a powerful chorus is evident throughout the album, making it a compelling listen for anyone who appreciates music that touches the heart and stirs the soul. Perfect for those who cherish the old-school vibes of vinyl in a modern digital format, "Chisholm" is an essential addition to any music lover’s collection. Whether you're drawn to the spiritual vibrancy of gospel or the storytelling prowess of country, this album delivers with every note and lyric. Celebrate Chisholm with their self-titled album—a heartfelt homage to the sounds that have shaped generations.

Chisholm (Classic Country & Gospel Album)

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  • Technical Specs

    This digital file includes 12 MP3 file formatted tracks exported at 320 kbps with the average track between 8mb to 12mb with a total download size of 110mb. 

  • Track List & Duration

    Track List

    01 I'm Feeling Fine 00:03:13.33

    Track 00:00:00.00

    02 He Touched Me 00:03:07.32

    Track 00:03:15.32

    03 Great, Great Morning 00:01:49.13

    Track 00:06:24.63

    04 Light At The End Of The Darkness 00:03:49.21

    Track 00:08:16.00

    05 Midnight Cry 00:04:44.07

    Track 00:12:07.20

    06 How Great Thou Art 00:03:36.67

    Track 00:16:53.26

    07 Elizabeth 00:03:28.35

    Track 00:20:32.17

    08 Dream On 00:03:27.51

    Track 00:24:02.51

    09 Give Me Wings 00:03:35.12

    Track 00:27:32.26

    10 Cool Water/Tumbling Tumbleweed 00:03:50.58

    Track 00:31:09.37

    11 Old Man In Our Town 00:03:39.11

    Track 00:35:02.19

    12 American Trilogy 00:04:46.37

    Track 00:38:43.29

    Lead-out 00:43:29.66

    Total Duration 00:43:29.66

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